• Failing Your Way to Success

    Failing Your Way to Success

    “Mike, she finish,” he says. His voice barely audible and downbeat as it always is, but now it also carries a hint of disbelief. I knew that he meant she was dead, but partly not knowing what to say and partly because I needed to say something, I respond over the scratchy mobile connection, “What? Daniel, what do you mean?”
    “Elvira. She dead. She stop breathing. Read More…

  • Evolve, Your Species Needs You

    Evolve, Your Species Needs You

    It is an undeniable fact that the success in terms of survival of any individual is wholly dependent on the success of the species of which it is a part. This is especially evident in the case of the antechinus. This very excitable but unfortunate Australian marsupial, in fact, mates itself to death. Read More…

  • ‘Trappings’ is an interesting word

    ‘Trappings’ is an interesting word

    Don’t you find it curious that the word for all the money, perks, so-called benefits and stuff that comes with a big, fat 6 figure income is called “trappings”?
    The folks over at Tiny House Talk liked my little story about a journey from an unsatisfying, unhealthy, six-figure salaried existence with all of these trappings to a satisfying, creative, and supremely healthy life wit Read More…

  • The Consumption Cleanse – LAUNCH

    The Consumption Cleanse – LAUNCH

    It’s Finally Here!
    I’m stoked to be able to tell you that finally, you can download your copy of The Consumption Cleanse and start your 13 week personal transformation to a life of more conscious and healthful consumption of Food. In exposing the sinister truth and tweaking your mindset about the food we eat, The Consumption Cleanse will drastically change your life. Read More…

  • 48 Hours to Go!

    48 Hours to Go!

    48 Hours to Go!,
    Only 2 MORE DAYS to go until you can download your FREE Copy of The Consumption Cleanse. The book is available now on Amazon but the FREE COPY window is for 48 hours from Midnight on the 8th of November to Midnight on the 10th of November, US Pacific Time. Read More…

  • PUBLISHED! – Your FREE Copy

    PUBLISHED! – Your FREE Copy

    Dear Loyal Early Subscribers,
    It has been a while since I’ve posted here but I can finally say that The Consumption Cleanse is now published and available on amazon at
    It’s been a slow but educational experience to self-publish and I’m sure there will crinkles yet to come, but as far as I know, it’s show time. Read More…