Dear Loyal Early Subscribers,

It has been a while since I’ve posted here but I can finally say that The Consumption Cleanse is now published and available on amazon at

It’s been a slow but educational experience to self-publish and I’m sure there will crinkles yet to come, but as far as I know, it’s show time. As promised, I want you to have a free copy. I have arranged a window with Amazon when the book will come with $0 price tag. The FREE dates are Tuesday 8/11(midnight Pacific time) to Thursday 10/11(midnight pacific time). This will be the “soft” launch for the privileged few. So if you wanted to spread the word don’t do it just yet, wait until the 15th of November for the actual launch. Don’t worry I’ll send a reminder.

I am listing exclusively with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for the first 90 days so this format is Kindle “Mobi” format.

If you have a kindle, simply download the book from AmazonĀ

If you use a different eReader to a kindle or no reader at all and want a PDF, here are your options:


  1. Download the Kindle mobi file from amazon at
  2. Download Calibre software at
  3. Open Calibre and Add the mobi file to the Calibre Library
  4. Then select the Output format that you would like which might be PDF or ePUB if you are using other than a Kindle Reader. The top right hand corner of the Calibre “Convert” screen is where you select the Output format.
  5. Then you can load the output format to your eReader or just view the book in PDF format


  1. Just send me a reply to this post and the format you would like I can email it to you personally.

If, as some of you have said to me, you’d rather buy it (to support me) for the minimal price that it is listed at, then hang on until the 15th of November, the official launch date, and just buy it then from Amazon. Even then I will be launching with a 50% discount.

You can also check out my Author’s Page.

Here I’ve put together a 2nd Book while I was waiting for formatting and publishing. It’s a neat little eBook of quotations about the journey from Consumerism it Creativity. It also comes with a minimal price tag.

And finally, just as I was your guinea pig in creating The Consumption Cleanse, you guys are my guinea pigs in the release of this (these) books. I’d really appreciate it if:

  1. You letĀ  me know about any issues you have in downloading the book, any ambiguities, where my instructions are unclear or confusing and any other feedback about the book acquisition process.
  2. If you like either of the books, to give me a review on Amazon. Reviews are what gives my books visibility both to other buyers and to Amazon. More positive reviews ranks the book(s) higher and may trigger Amazon itself to promote it – the dream.

Thank you all so much for your patience, I hope you enjoy the book(s)!


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